Gainz Media Podcasts

Alright ladies and gentlemen as we have promised and have tirelessly been working on the robdiddy podcast and pleased to announce it is officially an anchor.FM Spotify Apple podcasts and coming soon Google podcast. Now it is also monetized so if you are looking to start a podcast go to anchor dot FM or download the app in one of the two app stores.

Ff you had any interest in having me as a guest do you want to be a guest on my podcast if you want me to show you how to get started. Because realistically what this is is me just every single day trying to put some reps in to learn how to do this better an honestly, I do not expect to become rich off it. It is a skill that somehow it’s going to give me a little extra money in but hey just another service that I can offer. So if you want me to edit your podcast input gains or looking up on Fiverr is you know at @robdiddy and @gainzmedia